Living in Mauritius

Mauritius Residence Permit

Mauritius will seduce you with its perfect climate and lavish landscapes. You will most certainly be tempted to live, work or enjoy your retirement in this very special setting, land of rebirth boasting magical virtues for body and mind.

It is necessary to hold a Mauritian Residence Permit if you want to stay more than six months in Mauritius. Acquiring a real estate worth USD 500, 000 or more is your ticket to obtaining a permanent residence permit, subject to acceptance by the Economic Development Board. This residence permit is granted to you, your spouse and offspring under 24 years of age. In the event of resale of the property, the residence permit is granted to the next buyer.

As part of your investment in Legend Hill Resort, our team puts its expertise at your disposal to help you go through all formalities with the Economic Development Board. As your trustful partners, we will confidently guide you in your official and structured initiatives.